Insurance Post Examples

Our social media posting for insurance agents is personalized and engaging.

Socialphin Movie

Movie Monday

Movie Monday is a fan favorite which draws great engagement. We post a picture from a movie and people guess the film. People will often race to Facebook to be the first one to get it!

Socialphin Quote


People love quotes! From motivational to family-oriented to gratitude for veterans, we create a variety of relevant posts that generate likes and shares.

Socialphin Insurance


Our insurance posts contain a clear call to action, whether it is calling your agency or filling out a quote form. The content is directed to situations and stages people might find themselves to make it more relevant and engaging for viewers.

Socialphin Funny


Laughter is everywhere and memes are prevalent on social media. We create and share funny content to increase your agency's visibility as these posts produce great traction. It also makes your agency more approachable!

Socialphin Question

Open-Ended Questions

People love to share their thoughts and we'll ask a variety of open-ended questions to spark conversations and boost engagement.

Socialphin Trivia


Who doesn't like a good trivia question? From history and science to entertainment and sports, we cover a lot of bases to give everyone a shot at getting one right!

Socialphin Holidays


Holidays are a time of celebration and joy. We create amazing content for the major holidays like Thanksgiving and Veteran's Day.

Localized Posting for Your Agency

Socialphin can provide you with highly localized posting (under the Elite plan).

Socialphin Testimonials


People want an agency which will provide savings and get to work for them. Consistent sharing of 5 star reviews will help reinforce others you are helping the community.

Socialphin Employee Birthday


Celebrating employees is a great way to show appreciation and it typically generates a lot of engagement. People like seeing familiar faces and this personal post is a nice touch!

Socialphin Work Anniversary

Work Anniversaries

Similar to birthday posts, celebrating work anniversaries is a tremendous way to build morale, show appreciation, and drive quality engagememnt.