5 Places to List Your Agency


People Google everything these days.  I personally make around a dozen searches each day for answering questions I have or to learn about something I’m curious about.  Most people do the same. And current rates show that there are over 5 billion Google searches made each day. 5 billion! It goes without saying, people are going to be searching for insurance agencies on Google, which is why you should make sure your agency is listed for prospective leads to find you.

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Creating & Optimizing Your Google Listing


You probably won’t have users searching insurance agencies on Facebook; however, creating a Facebook page is still a necessity for marketing your brand.  It will require more work on your part than just creating a page and letting it sit there for others to view, but the work of posting and responding to others will help build trust and lead to great results.

In terms of numbers, close to 1.5 billion people view Facebook daily.  The average user is visiting the site 8 times each day for 35 minutes. That’s a lot of traffic.  But don’t let the magnitude of Facebook fool you, it’s got a much more local feel to it. It’s the best place for agencies to market themselves.  Agencies can create posts for their clients to like and share, which are then showed to their connections (most likely other local people to your agency).

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Yelp was designed to be a place for customers to leave reviews and recommendations of businesses.  It has grown to over 170 million monthly users, and a total of 145 million reviews have been made on the site.  It’s a tremendous place to be listed for people to gauge your service. If people go to Yelp searching for insurance agencies, they mean business.  They want to find an agency that has proven, quality reviews. Be sure to create your listing and get current clients to leave you a review. You don’t want to miss out on the inbound leads this could bring to your agency.

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Bing and Yahoo

While Bing and Yahoo aren’t as popular as Google, people still use them.  Between 10-15% of all internet searches are done through Bing. Yahoo has around 5-10% of the market share.  And while Google will give you more exposure, getting a listing on both these sites will help cover all your bases.

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