Lead Gen Outreach

We do cold emailing to local businesses on your behalf to bring in more commercial clients.

Lead Gen Outreach

How It Works

An Outbound Sales Process Done For You!

For insurance agencies looking to grow their business, we come alongside and provide seamless, continual cold outreach for connecting with local businesses on your behalf.

1. Prepare

We'll create a variety of different email scripts to maximize effectiveness.

2. Gather

We'll get email addresses from local businesses in high-value industries.

3. Deliver

We'll send emails and follow ups directly from your email address for more personalization.

4. Close

Responses will show up in your inbox for closing the warm lead!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, please use our website chat or schedule a time with us below.

Everything we do is on your behalf so we'll send them directly from your email(s). You can either sync your email or create a separate email for the outreach.

We currently have integrations with Gmail and Microsoft. If you use another provider, let us know and we can likely implement a solution.

We space out emails and throttle them throughout the day to make it look more natural and improve deliverability so messages go straight to their inbox.

We vary the number of emails each day for deliverability, but typically send between 50-100 per day (including follow ups).

Depending on your average daily volume of emails, we may need to scale up to the desired output. For example, we may send 10-20 emails per day for the first week then increase to 20-40 the following week and so forth.

Since we are sending emails directly from your email in a personalized manner, all replies will show up right in your inbox.

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We'd be happy to provide additional information regarding this novel approach for bringing in more commercial clients for insurance agencies.