5 Social Media Post Ideas for Insurance Agents

We are providing insurance agents with 5 ideas for social media posts on sites like Facebook and Instagram.  These posts are a great way to provide quality, personal content that will generate likes and shares within your network.  They can also form a foundation to build off in order to consistently increase your presence online. Let’s get to the ideas!

1. Local Restaurant

People love food!  For this post, share about a local restaurant where you love to dine.

Image: Include a picture of the food!  If you don’t have one, try finding one online.
Content: Write about how much you love their food, staff, location, etc.
Tips: Tag the restaurant on the post to increase visibility.

2. Your “Why”

People enjoy personal stories and learning why people do what they do.  Share about your motive and what drives you as an insurance agent.

    Image: Take a picture of your building with you and/or staff included.
    Content: Talk about what makes you thrilled to be an agent (don’t say money!).
    Tips: Share this post on your personal page for more exposure.

3. Employee Highlight

Employees like being recognized and people like businesses that respect their workers.  This post is an opportunity to highlight an employee.

Image: Snag a picture of your employee or grab one from Facebook (get their permission on which one!).
Content: Write what makes them a great worker: hardworking, personable, friendly, resourceful, determined, compassionate, etc. 
Tips: If you have multiple employees, do this periodically so that they all get honored.

4. Newly Insured Car

Car insurance is something everyone can relate to and addresses a core service you provide for those in your community.

    Image: Take a picture of a nice, new car you recently insured.
    Content: Share about how you were able to help: savings, speed of quote, etc.
    Tips: If you can’t take a picture, find one online.

5. Supporting Person

Behind every person is someone who has helped them along the way.  For this post, share about a person close to you that has or is supporting you.  It could be a spouse, parent, mentor, etc.

    Image: Get a picture of you with this person (or get one on Facebook).
    Content: Write how they have helped / been there for you.
    Tips: Tag the person and share on your personal page, too.