7 Social Media Tips for Insurance Agents

We love helping insurance agents succeed when it comes to driving customer loyalty, increasing referrals, and building a social media presence.  In your endeavor to explore the wonderful world of social selling, we strive to work alongside you. These 7 tips will help you get started and provide a guideline for continued efforts in growing your presence online.

1. Consistency is Key

Social media is all about consistency.  We see agents who will post everyday for a while, but then won’t post again for weeks.  Or, they post just a couple times each month. This isn’t ideal. To truly be a presence online, your posting has to be consistent.  You have to post daily. If posting each day is difficult, consider using a platform for scheduling posts. Then you can create a week’s worth of posts on a slow day or over the weekend.

2. Use Structure

Figuring out what to post each day can be daunting.  Many people often feel stumped when trying to think of original content.  Each day can become a struggle. To prevent this from crushing your spirit and taking up time, use structure!  Create a pattern for your posts. For example, every Monday, use a motivational quote. Or every Thursday, post a trivia question.  Come up with some type of structure that will guide you and make content creation simpler.

3. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

People love pictures.  We live in a highly visual culture.  Just look at the rise of Instagram, a platform where you literally can’t post unless you have a picture or video.  When you are creating content, be sure to use a picture or video for every single post. And make sure it’s a quality picture.  Don’t just rip a picture off Google (which can lead to copyright issues anyway). Find a good site that offers free stock photos, like Pixabay or Pexels.

4. Personalize Your Content

Social media is all about being personal.  People love to share and view content that is authentic and unique.  When posting, be as real as possible (but not too real; don’t talk about the diarrhea you had last night!).  It might take more time to create a personal post, but the results will be much better. It’s worth the effort!

5. Engagement Is The Name of The Game

Responses are vital to the growth of your social media presence.  You want to post content that will generate reactions (likes, laughs, wows, shares, etc).  The more engagement, the more visibility. Likewise, the less engagement, the less visibility.  And if you consistently create content with low engagement, these social media sites will show your posts less and less.  So don’t take the easy route of posting poor content or easily posting an article link (which Facebook downplays already!).  Take the time to post quality or don’t post at all!

6. Be Persistent

You will need persistence when it comes to social media, especially when starting out.  At first, it can be disheartening to see low results. You might spend a good amount of time creating content and get little traction.  Some will give up after the first week or two. Please don’t! Stay the course and continue working. In time, you will bear the fruit of your labors.

7. Partner with Socialphin

If you reach a breaking point--whether you lack the time in posting consistently or struggle coming up with daily content--we are here to help!  At Socialphin, we post daily on behalf of insurance agents to all their social media accounts.  We post to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Our service enables you to focus on the day-to-day while we manage your pages.  And we always offer a 14 day free trial when getting started.