Forgetting to Send Handwritten Cards?

Nothing says “Thank You” Like a Handwritten Card

We all remember how special it is to receive a handwritten note in the mail.  You open your mailbox and quickly shuffle through the credit card offers while looking for that one rare gem: seeing your name handwritten on an envelope from someone you know! When you find it, you eagerly tear it open, still standing at your mailbox.  As you savor the words written with time and care just for you, a warm feeling fills your heart.

Now picture this: your client receives a canned email welcoming them to your agency.  They see the subject line “Welcome to Joe Insurance Agency,” mindlessly scroll through the email, and then move on to the next message in their inbox.  It’s not personal. It doesn’t capture their attention. They receive emails from everyone, from Amazon to Macy’s to that monthly subscription they don’t even remember signing up for. One more email coming from their insurance agent doesn’t mean much.

Imagine this same client goes to their mailbox and sees a letter from their agent.  They notice that it’s handwritten, and are intrigued. They might even wonder, “Why am I getting this, is there something wrong with my policy?”  But after reading a personal note thanking them for their business and welcoming them to the agency, they feel touched. They’ve never seen any business take the time to write them a letter, let alone their insurance agent!

Make Your Client Feel Valued

Handwritten cards are the best way to thank clients for their business and boost customer loyalty.  In today’s busy world, we take it for granted that most communication is done instantly, right at our fingertips.  It’s only when we receive a message outside our typical everyday experience that we stop to consider how special the message is. Handwritten cards have this powerful effect. It’s a nice touch that is sure to leave a lasting impact!

Why would you pass up these moments of making your new client feel valued? If you don’t have the time to add this personal touch, Bee Referred offers a simple solution--handwriting the cards for you!  We do not use printed font or robots. We use actual human hands to write and send the notes. We are the only vendor offering this quality of service specifically for insurance agents...And for just $2 a card, it’s even more efficient than writing them yourself!