The Importance of Google My Business for Insurance Agents

Google is the leading search engine in the world.  Everyday, millions of people rely on Google for looking up information, finding products, and fact checking arguments (we hope those end well!).  In fact, there are 3 billion searches on Google each day.  Since some of these people are searching for insurance, it's imperative that your insurance agency is displayed as high as possible on the search results.  One way to help get your agency listed higher is to post on Google My Business.

Introduction to Google My Business  

Most insurance agencies are quite familiar with Google My Business.  It's a way of establishing a business on Google, and is typically used so that a business can:

  • Show up on Google Maps

  • Display general business information (phone, website, description)

  • Collect Google reviews

If you don't already use Google My Business, we recommend you get started now.  It won't cost you anything, and will greatly elevate your appearance on search results.  Over one million businesses are listed, so you are in good company.

Google My Business Posting Is Often Overlooked  

When discussing social media, the average insurance agency thinks of the major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Google My Business isn't typically given the attention it deserves.  Some of this is warranted.  Unlike the others, Google My Business isn't a true social media platform, where you can “like” or comment on posts.  While it's a bit different in some respects, leveraging it is equally important.  In fact, it might be the most important of the platforms.  A huge way to attract new business is through Google searches.  And posting consistently on Google My Business helps to bring your insurance agency closer to the top.  

Google My Business Posting Improves Your Search Ranking  

To be specific, posting helps to show Google you are an agency which:

  • Creates Content

  • Has Robust Marketing

  • Is Still In Business

Google uses algorithms to determine how insurance agencies will be ordered on searches.  If your agency is consistently posting to Google My Business, this will work in your favor and lead to higher scores on the algorithm.  And since most insurance agencies aren't leveraging this powerful tool, it can provide a great boost for your agency.  While you might not hear someone say, "I saw your post online" like they would on Facebook, posting on Google My Business will result in more leads saying, "I found out about you when I searched for local insurance agencies on Google."  

Google Leads Can Be Yours with Socialphin  

If you are looking to increase your leads and have your insurance agency rank higher on Google searches, it's time to start leveraging Google My Business posting.  With Socialphin, we create the posts and share on your listing for you.  And we even do posting on the other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  We provide a robust service to handle all social media management for insurance agents.  Sign up today for a free 14 day trial!