Social Media for Insurance Agents

Social media has become the new way of getting your name out there.  Gone are the days of direct mail. If you want to be effective, a presence on social media is needed--and most insurance agents understand this.  Agents value the importance of social media. The reason most insurance agents don’t have a consistent presence online tends to be because:

  1. They Lack Time
  2. They Don’t Know How to Navigate Social Media

Insurance agents are busy people, and social media is just another thing added to the plate.  Agents who do (or did!) it themselves, report that it takes an hour or two each day. Most don’t have an extra hour or two a day!  And when meetings come up and times are busy, social media is the first thing that gets disregarded.

Insurance agents might not know how to navigate social media.  Social media can be daunting: What should I post about?  How do I find good content to share?  Agents can really struggle understanding how to be effective.  Others may give up due to a lack of response or the amount of time needed to create quality content.

Social Media for Insurance Agents

Socialphin provides a handles-free solution for insurance agents to build their social media presence.  We post on behalf of agents. We spend our time creating quality content for you.  This allows you to have a consistent presence online while freeing up your time for meetings and calls.  Socialphin works specifically with insurance agents to help them stay top of mind within their network, which leads to more referrals, cross-selling, new business, and stronger customer loyalty.

Socialphin Compared to Competitors

At Socialphin, we have a unique approach to social media.  We create relevant and engaging content. In our work with insurance agents, we saw some agents using other vendors for posting to their various pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  The problem we noticed was these competitors just share insurance post after insurance post, along with occasional, random articles. I saw an article titled “The Best Way to Feed Your Horse.”  Of course, this agent had 0 likes! Far from being a fluke, this was something we witnessed with agent after agent. We would scroll through their pages and see 0 likes on every single post. The  problem is two-fold:

  1. People don’t want to see insurance posts or random articles every day.
  2. Facebook has down played articles, meaning your post will get less visibility.

Using a competitor that only posts about insurance or random, unengaging articles will lead to less and less post visibility.  These platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter – all use algorithms to ensure that the best posts have good visibility.  If you are consistently creating content that gets 0 likes, social media sites will show your posts to less and less people. We have seen people that should be getting 300+ views drop to 20 views because of their use of a competitor.  And once you are downplayed like this, it can be difficult to recover.

Socialphin combats this and helps raise visibility by creating content that is engaging and relevant.  Our content generates likes and shares. It will grow your presence online versus competitor that will lead to a downplay of your page.  You can get started today with our free 14 day trial (and plans starting at just $29/month after the trial!).