3 Bad Things Your Marketing Vendor Does

After talking with agencies and studying our competitors, we have noticed three bad things that are being done by vendors and really hurting agencies in terms of visibility on Facebook. You see, creating poor content has a lasting impact on your page. An unpopular post doesn't just receive 0 likes, but Facebook will show your future posts to less people. We have seen agencies with 1,000+ followers that usually get 200+ views on a single post, drop down to only 10 views--after about a year of using the wrong vendor!

Your Vendor Uses Too Many Links   

One common characteristic of automated social media vendors is the heavy use of links. It is easier for them to just pull content from other sites, so that they do not have to do any creative work themselves. The problem is, Facebook does not like it! Facebook does not want people to leave Facebook. They make their money off of ads, so keeping people on their site is priority #1--which means they will downplay pages that post a lot of links, resulting in less people seeing the content. If you are trying to market your business on Facebook, you want as many people as possible to view your page--not less!  The solution: do not use a vendor that posts too many links! The longer you use a vendor who posts a substantial amount of links, the harder it will be to get your visibility back to where it should be.

Your Vendor Posts About Insurance Too Much

Since you are an insurance agency, it makes sense that you would be posting about insurance, right? Yes...but people do not want to see insurance posts every single day! Insurance posts should NOT be dominating your Facebook page. Doing so, will lead to a drop in your page visibility. If you create content which does not get engagement (likes, comments, shares), Facebook will show it to less people. The solution: post a variety of relevant, engaging content, along with insurance posts scattered in between.

Your Vendor Shares Irrelevant Posts 

Some content is just plain strange and completely out of touch with social media best practices. From posts about what to feed your horse to which carpet cleaner is the best, our competitors create content that simply does not resonate with the average person on social media. The solution: create relevant content yourself OR use a vendor that understands the current culture and what grabs people's attention. 

Socialphin Offers Engaging Posts

At Socialphin, we have taken notes on what works and doesn't work for social media. We rarely ever use links. Our focus is on creating quality images which Facebook does not downplay. And, we use a variety of posts to help boost engagement.  Some examples include:

  • Movie Monday: We post an image from a movie for people to guess which movie it is. This is a fan favorite, and we even have people racing to answer in order to beat their peers!
  • Memes: Funny pictures that generate lots of likes, laughs, etc.
  • Trivia: Questions designed to solicit comments for guessing.
  • Nostalgic: Flashback images from the 70s - 90s.
  • Quotes: Motivational posts which resonate with people.

We believe in our service, so we offer:

  • free 14-day trial for you to see results before any billing occurs.
  • A month-to-month contract so you can opt-out whenever you want.
Sign up today so we can create engaging posts for your Facebook page and boost the amount of post views.