3 Reasons Not To Use Insurance Carrier Toolkits

Sometimes, helping hurts! We have noticed a recent trend towards carrier toolkits. For insurance agencies looking for extra help with their Facebook page, these types of toolkits seem nice, since the carrier is automatically posting to your page and providing free content for you.  But instead of building your online presence, it is actually diminishing it!

You may wonder: How could this be happening?!

Well, these posts generate zero engagement.  Test it out.  Go through your page and see how many “likes” these posts get. If you have content that does not get engagement, Facebook will downplay your page and less people will see it.  We have seen agencies who used to get 200 views on a post, dwindle down to just 7 views--all because of poor engagement on posts from carrier toolkits!

The Carrier Toolkit Uses Too Many Links  

Carriers will link to their site a lot in posts.  They do this to increase their website SEO as you "posting" their link boosts credibility in the eyes of Google.  While Google likes links on Facebook for their algorithm, Facebook's algorithm does not.  Facebook will downplay pages -- show them to less people  -- that use a lot of links, since a link will take people off Facebook (which means less time on Facebook for viewing ads and generating revenue).

The Carrier Wants to Market Themselves

Take a look at the posts.  The carrier is always putting their brand on the forefront of the posts.  The images will always display their logo.  The videos will predominantly display the carrier logo and their offerings.  What is this doing for you?  Sure, they are giving you free posting.  But it is not marketing your agency.  It is marketing the carrier.  You are giving them free marketing to your network.

The Endgame Is Your Client

Carriers want more clients.  And by posting on your page and directing people to their website, the carrier's goal is to get more business (whether that is through you or directly on their site).  Since all of their posts are designed to bring your network on their site, you will likely lose out on some leads.  Some people will simply request quotes directly on their site and bypass you entirely.  Why make it easier for people to get quotes directly from carriers?

Socialphin Wants You to Succeed

At Socialphin, we have taken notes on what works and doesn't work for social media.  And our endgame is your growth as an agency through effective and engaging social media posting.  Compared to carrier toolkits, we:

  • Rarely use links; instead we post relevant pictures describing situations and life stages which resonate with people.

  • Market your agency first and foremost, putting your logo and contact information on posts.

  • Work towards your success in having an effective online presence, which generates leads and keeps you top of mind within your network.

We believe in our service and the success it will bring your agency, so we offer:

  • A free 14-day trial for you to see results before any billing occurs.

  • A month-to-month contract so you can opt-out whenever you want.