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by Joe May 13, 2019

LinkedIn Tip: Change Your Headline

LinkedIn provides a nice headline displayed below people’s names to give a short introduction as to who they are and what they do.  By default, it draws from your current job title. However, the headline can be changed to something else--and there might be good reason to change it!

Your LinkedIn page needs to be viewed as a sales and marketing tool.  It should be promoting your value and should be crafted to appeal to leads.  Most LinkedIn profiles look more like a resume than a sales pitch.

A key change you can make for increasing engagement is by modifying your headline.  Time and time again, I see agents with headlines like “Agency Owner” or “Insurance Agent.”  This type of headline is a generic title that thousands of people have. It’s not unique and it’s not showing value.  Instead, use your headline to highlight what you can offer to other people. Consider using one of the lines below, or drawing from these ideas:

  • “Providing Quality Coverage at a Lower Rate”
  • “Helping Millennials Navigate Renters Insurance”
  • “Giving People Peace of Mind through Life Insurance”
  • “Guiding Small Businesses through Health Plans”
  • “Specializing in Workers Compensation for Restaurants”

If you are looking to close more sales on LinkedIn, be sure to think through your value proposition and change your heading accordingly.  A tailored headline will produce greater results than a generic title. We do a lot of our selling through LinkedIn. Our headline reads “Helping Insurance Agents Generate More Referrals | 5 Star Reviews | Testimonials.”  This is much more specific and captivating than “Sales” or “Account Manager.” Insurance agents can quickly identify in our headline the value we have to offer. They are also familiarized with background information that may be useful in future conversations.  

You, too, can have a headline that better sells yourself and pinpoints the value you have to offer!


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