LinkedIn Tip: Create A Company Page

A company page is a terrific way to share about your agency and its value to others.  It’s also a great way of improving your agency’s SEO for showing up higher in search results.  Sadly, most agents do not utilize this powerful tool that can be very beneficial. For this tip, I’ll share some do’s and don’ts.  


Company Page “Don’ts”

Don’t add your franchising company.  Most agency owners use “Allstate,” “State Farm,” “Nationwide,” or others instead of creating their own company page.  The problem with this is that you are only promoting your company. Instead, you could create your own company page and promote your own brand (and your company’s too).  This would increase your website’s SEO and help you get more inbound leads. Instead of “Allstate” you could name your company page “Joe Insurance Agency | Allstate”.

Don’t be overly “salesy” in your posts.  It’s okay to be direct and try to get business on LinkedIn, but don’t go over the top.  If you just tell people to call you every time you post, you won’t see results. Post articles people would be interested in and will interact with.  


Company Page “Do’s”

Do add a picture.  When creating a company page, the picture you add will be the same one that shows up on your profile.  Use your logo or even your franchising company’s logo.

Do post frequently.  Whether it’s sharing a new blog post or an interesting article you found online, be sure to post on your company page.  This will drive more traffic to your page and also improve your SEO.


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